From the Olympics to Elite Skincare

In 2001, future USA Olympian Jason Young was tired of the hard water, and the brisk winter wind of Lubbock, Texas. Jason had come to West Texas as a scholar athlete, but was accustomed to the humidity of the North-Eastern part of the state. After realizing that he was ashy (scales, itchy etc.) on his stomach and thighs after showering, Jason decided to buy some high powered lotion. This $20 lotion made a good dent in his dry skin issue, but also made a huge dent in his pocket. He was going through 2 bottles per month to cover his powerful 265lb frame after each shower. Jason decided that he should just make his own lotion, and there the journey toward SkinThera began. With some ingenuity, blind luck, faith, and a knack for learning Jason created his first skincare product. 

Jason's personality is one that begs to know how things work. Over the years Jason became a USA Olympian, and would experiment with chemical formulas frequently. During his day job, Jason helped athletes, weekend warriors, soccer moms, and grandpas hone their performance, fitness, nutrition, and anti-aging regimes. Knowing the ropes to enhance the human performance runs parallel to doing so in the skin.

Premier Restorative Skincare is what SkinThera aims to provide. Utilizing natural botanical extracts, advanced molecules, and exacting formulas that are packed with actives, SkinThera brings a no nonsense approach to an industry that is full of BS. SkinThera keeps a high standards for products, utilizes adequate but inexpensive packaging to keep the cost savings in your pocket.

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