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ECLIPSE OIL is formulated to meet the red nutrient needs of your skin. The most powerful red oil soluble nutrients have been combined to make a beautiful and nourishing mixture that slows aging and hydrates skin.


-COENZYME Q10- an important mitochondrial nutrient, CoQ10 is important for skin health. Skin mitochondria start to dysfunction with age, and CoQ10 levels need to rise in order to make new cells function optimally. CoQ10 helps decrease wrinkles, and increase skin smoothness.

-ROSEHIP OIL- this oil is extracted from the seeds of rosehip fruits. Most don't know that rose plants bear this fruit, and even fewer know that rosehip is dense in Vitamin A and has up to 40 times more Vitamin C than oranges.

-MEADOWFOAM OIL- Limnanthes alba seeds are rich (30%) in oil. This oil is 98% long chain fatty acids, and makes this oil very stable but also very hydrating to the skin. The natural structure of meadowfoam oil is similar to human sebum, which means it matches the oils produced by our skin.

-SEABUCKTHORN OIL- the Hippophae rhamnoides berries are rich in alpha tocopherol and carotenoids including zeaxanthin, beta carotene, and lycopepne. Seabuckthorn oil is also dense in palmitic and palmitoleic acids, which have both bee proven useful in Asian skincare research.

-VETIVER- Chrysopogon zizanioides, is well known in the fragrance world, but rarely does real vetiver get used in fragrances due to expense. Vetiver not only has a wonderful and mystic fragrance, but is a cicatrisant and heals scars by promoting regeneration of tissue. Vetiver is anti-aging, and has been well documented in treating skin disorders.

-SANGUINELLO- this type of Italian blood orange not only has sweet and dark flesh, but is rich in vitamins A, C, & Lipoic Acid. It is also a natural supplier of red anthocyanins that have wonderful anti-aging effects.

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Avoid contact with eyes. This formula contains essential oils. This oil is designed to be used full strength but can be diluted to suit sensitive skin.

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So far I like this oil. It’s not too heavy and seems to be working well although I’ve only used it a few times. I look forward to seeing more results after continued use. It does not irritate my skin.

I love it- makes my dry skin soft. Shipped super fast and was well packaged too!

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